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UFO. I Saw One and Nobody Would Listen! Confessions of a Marine Pilot

UFO. I Saw One and Nobody Would Listen! Confessions of a Marine Pilot

Weather balloons and swamp gas

I’ll admit I was always a skeptic where UFOs were concerned. Having been a USMC aviator for five years and flown into and over many different countries, including several flights across the Bermuda Triangle, I never spotted anything I couldn’t identify. The topic of UFO’s never came up during my Marine Corps service, even at the bar, so I had to assume no one had ever run across one, and I put them in the same category as Bigfoot and the Easter Bunny.

I was aware that thousands and thousands of people across the planet had claimed to see space ships—all shapes and sizes. It was as if there was a big spaceship dealership up there somewhere with a model for everyone. Just a few miles from where I live, in Aurora, Texas, they supposedly saw one shaped like a cigar take out the judge’s windmill way back in 1897, and that was before the Wright brothers even got off the ground. They even have a spot in the cemetery where they gave a Christian burial to the remains of the busted-up Martian (that’s what they called him).

When I was a kid back in the 1960s, I kept a little scrapbook of magazine and newspaper clippings on UFO sightings. But I went through a good part of my life before I could count myself a believer. Even then, I was pretty cautious about who I told my story to. Most folks will give you a tight-lipped smile and look at the ground, kicking dirt clods while you’re spinning your yarn. I never got the feeling they were completely on board with my account of that life-changing night in Daisy, Arkansas.

Honest injun (no offense), this is no BS

Now, before I go any further, I want to put to rest the notion in the reader’s mind that any form of beer, whiskey, or local moonshine might have been involved in this other-worldly observation. It was somewhere around ten PM, in a small fishing camp on Lake Greeson. We had a little campfire, just enough to knock the chill off a late-November evening. It was pretty much pitch-black, with the sky completely overcast. Now one thing you need to know about Daisy, Arkansas, is there is absolutely no light competition. By ten-o’clock, everybody is in bed with the lights out, and the only sound is crickets and the occasional dog barking.

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Watch Navy Commander UFO interview

People in the fishing camp had already gone to bed too so they could get an early start chasing bass and crappie around the lake. I’m pretty sure there were just three of us still awake, but three witnesses should be enough to prop up a story, especially when we were all sober, and two were women. I bring this up because I’ve seen situations where hundreds of good people saw something and the government still said they were having a group hallucination or something.

Ex-Defense official: UFO’s pose national security threat

And there it was

As I recall, I was poking the fire when I heard my wife say, “What is THAT?” Now, over the years I’ve heard that phrase used many times, but it usually had to do with me bringing something home I bought without telling her, or something I had tracked all over her carpet. I guess because I was conditioned to avoid eye contact when I heard those words, I didn’t look up as soon as she said it.

Advanced non-human UFO technology observed by pilots

My wife’s friend then muttered something like, “My Gawd, is it gonna crash?” Well, that got my attention just in time to look up over my head and see what looked like one big-ass airplane silently gliding down at a steep angle towards the lake. Now I say airplane, but I couldn’t actually see an outline of whatever it was. There was a large white light towards the front, and then three smaller lights spaced out evenly behind it. Just lights, it might have been four different ships, but they sure stayed lined up like they were part of the same craft.

It’ll mess with your mind

I have to tell you, when you see something like that, something that doesn’t make sense in the world you’re used to living in, your brain kind of free-wheels for a moment or two. We all just stood there, slack-jawed, watching it glide toward the lake. The rational part of my mind told me it might be an airliner that had lost complete power and was about to hit the lake. I heard myself yell, “let’s get to the boat-quick!”

We all three high-tailed it down to the dock, running under a canopy of oak trees that hadn’t dropped their fall leaves completely. Somewhere in the twenty seconds it took us to clear the trees it disappeared—no sound—just gone. I looked at the lake for any sign of a wave, but not even a ripple broke the black glass-like surface. We stood around for a couple of minutes discussing what we’d seen, disappointed we hadn’t seen more, or seen it for longer before it up and vanished.

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Everyone’s a skeptic

We tried telling our friend’s husband who had gone to bed early, but he thought we were either pulling his leg or liquored up. We knew what we saw even if we didn’t actually know what it was. The next morning we packed up and headed back home. As it turned out, our doubting Thomas friend called us a few nights later. He had his own story.

During his regular Monday night poker game with the locals, including a Texas Highway patrolman, our friend told everyone about the three drunks who woke him up to tell him about a spaceship. I guess they all got a good laugh out of the telling—everyone but the trooper. He explained to the group that he’d spent the past Saturday night chasing all over the county, following up on a sighting of a big UFO with four lights. The UFO had been spotted in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas all on the same evening, by dozens of people.

Now if you happen to be one of those people who may be kicking dirt clods right now, you hop in your car or truck and visit the good people of Daisy, Arkansas, because there has been more than one sighting around their mountain lake, and UFOs are so common, the dogs don’t even bark at them anymore.

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David L Brockett

David Brockett

David Brockett is a Vietnam Veteran, former Marine aviator, and former California State NRA Indoor Pistol Champion. He writes fiction and historical fiction, as well as articles on politics, religion, gun-rights, preparedness, and current events. David’s lineage harkens back to the original Texas settlers.


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