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UK couple raising daughter as a BOY after she “expressed” desire to be one at age 2

UK couple raising daughter as a BOY after she “expressed” desire to be one at age 2

(Natural News) In another episode of “trans-anity,” a couple in the United Kingdom is raising their daughter as a boy. They defended their decision as stemming from their child expressing her desire to be a boy when she was two years old.

The notorious Twitter account Libs of TikTok shared the video of couple Matthew Stubbings and Klara Jeynes. The U.K. couple shared their decision to raise their daughter Emerald, aged four, as a boy named Stormy. She was born in 2018 alongside her male twin Arlo.

“The first time I realized that ‘Stormy’ wanted to identify as male was about roughly two and a half [years of age]. It’s not really that ‘he’ said ‘I want to be a boy’; [it was] ‘I am a boy,’ and that is the difference,” Jeynes said. “Now [the twins are] four years old, and they identify as two boys.”

“Before I had children, and certainly before the last couple of years, I would have thought this whole thing was ridiculous,” Stubbings said. “I would have watched me and said: ‘You’re crazy; you’re making it up. You’re abusing a child.’”

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“There was that point that I thought this isn’t just a phase. It’s not a little girl we’re looking at here. It’s a little boy.”

According to Stubbings, Stormy started “being unhappy” and eventually became “genuinely upset” whenever “he” wore articles of clothing meant for girls. He added that “hair clips were a big no-no.”

The girl’s mother revealed that she asks Stormy every day if she still wants to be a boy, adding that she does not want her daughter to feel “trapped” in the role of the opposite sex. (Related: Parents in Canada can now be arrested and imprisoned for refusing to go along with the transgender delusions of their own children.)

Enabling transgenderism is child abuse, feminist scholar warns

The transgenderism of Stormy enabled by her parents is tantamount to child abuse, a feminist scholar warned. Camille Paglia, author and professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, issued this warning back in 2015.

Paglia, who is a lesbian, said she suffered “gender dysfunction” as a child. This manifested in her habit of dressing in men’s clothing “as often as [she] could.” Nevertheless, she expressed belief that “there are fundamentally two sexes that are biologically determined.”

“You can define yourself as a trans man, trans woman [or] one of these new gradations along the scale. But ultimately, every single cell in the human body – the DNA in that cell – remains coded for your biological birth sex,” said Paglia.

She added that only a “very small [and] minute” number of people are born with genetic abnormalities that cause ambiguity when it comes to their gender – apparently referring to hermaphrodites.

Paglia rebuked what she dubbed as “transgender propagandists” for propagating “a lot of lies … which I think is not in anyone’s best interest.”

“I think that the transgender propagandists make wildly inflated claims about the multiplicity of gender. Even today, sex reassignment surgery with all of its advances cannot, in fact, change anyone’s sex,” Paglia said.

“Parents are now encouraged to subject the child to procedures that, I think, are a form of child abuse [such as] hormones to slow puberty [and] actual surgical manipulations. I think that this is wrong [and] parents should not be doing this to their children. People should wait until they’re of an informed age of consent. I think that even in the teenage years, it’s too soon to be making this leap. People change, people grow, and people adapt.”

Watch Camille Paglia denouncing transgender mania in the video below.

This video is from the oneninetyfivenationsrising channel on

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