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Ukraine’s Zelensky says Americans will be dying in eastern Europe if his country loses war with Russia

Ukraine’s Zelensky says Americans will be dying in eastern Europe if his country loses war with Russia

(Natural News) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a chilling prediction in a speech that went viral on social media this week: Namely, that American mothers and fathers will see their sons and daughters die by the thousands in his country if Kyiv loses its war with Russia.

He warned the United States generally that if Ukraine loses, then Americans “will have to send their sons and daughters” to war with Russia over the Baltic states “and they will have to fight” and “they will be dying,” according to a video clip posted by conservative social media influencer Ian Miles Cheong.


Zelensky made the comments during a press conference on Friday.

After promising to provide Ukraine with an additional $10 billion in US aid, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made an unexpected visit to meet with Zelensky on Monday.

The neoconservatives in charge of the Biden administration have iterated on numerous occasions that their objective in supplying Ukraine with billions of dollars worth of US weaponry is to prolong the conflict as much as possible and foster “a protracted insurgency” against Russia. As of now, the US has committed over $100 billion of taxpayer money to sustain the war, Information Liberation reported.

Eliot A. Cohen, a neoconservative who played a role in the Iraq War, candidly articulated their objectives in an essay for The Atlantic, a publication overseen by fellow neoconservative Jeffrey Goldberg, the outlet noted, adding a passage from the magazine:

Western strategy should rest on three pillars: vigorous and imaginative military support to Ukrainian regular and irregular forces; sanctions that will hobble the Russian economy; and construction of a militarily powerful European alliance that can secure the border with Russia as long as that country remains a menace.

The means at hand are obvious, even if the manner of their exploitation is not. The most obvious is the armament of Ukraine, which has already begun. It is a moral imperative. When people are willing to fight for their freedom against an enemy whose methods and aims are so clearly evil, the West owes its effectual support to those taking up arms. But it is also a strategic imperative, intended to hamstring the Russian military and weaken Putin’s position.

Support to the Ukrainian military and, should Ukrainian cities fall, to the continuing insurgency has the prospect of exceptional success.

It should be obvious to anyone with a functional brain stem that the Biden regime’s handlers are agitating for war with both Russia and China because power.

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