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UN Fingerprints & Soros Funded NGO’s BEHIND Illegal Invasion of America: The Whistleblower. The Proofs.

UN Fingerprints & Soros Funded NGO’s BEHIND Illegal Invasion of America: The Whistleblower. The Proofs.

BY now, only the comatose and the willfully blind – coupled with those who have malignant intent – can’t/won’t admit that designs are afoot to destroy America as a sovereign nation state. That ship has sailed.

IN fact, one needn’t be particularly astute to recognize that the country is being invaded in a highly orchestrated manner – despite the appearance of chaos, as an endless (emphasis placed) stream of flesh pushes across the southern border and into America’s interior!

NOW, as per those of us whose eyes have been peeled towards the endless undermining, well, none of this is “news.” In reality, alternative media, that is, the non-PC captured megaphones, have led the way in sounding the alarms. As such, consider the following as proof of the same:

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  • Back in 2013, a mega spotlight was glared on the red-green alliance – that which is underpinned by anti-American actors within the belly of the nation; aided and abetted by foreign alliances. Be they operating from political, media, academic, legal/judicial, cultural, or self-appointed elite perches, they have one common goal: the destruction of America! Resultant, it became mandatory due diligence to sound the alarm at American Thinker via “Bringing Down America: A Review.”
  • And with the blaring of additional bells in ensuing years, it was in Oct. 2016 that the dangers from assorted force multipliers were treated (at this site) as a “High Threat” level of alert. The fact that back-up was provided through a MEGA warning from a premiere counter-terrorism and counterintelligence operative, well….”Dave Gaubatz Issues Multiple Alarm Bell Warnings: Heed Them, America’s Survival On The Precipice.” Bulls-Eye!

OF course, throughout it all, these pages exposed the UN’s fingerprints and its machinations through a massive array of NGO’s – underpinned by the most dangerous man in the west: George – the devil incarnate – Soros!

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JUST consider…..

Excerpted within the aforementioned link from 2016, pay heed to the following bullet points, after all, there is no sense in reworking the wheel.

  • In Sept. 2013, it was reported: the UN Arms Trade Treaty was written in secret by the Obama/Hillary Clinton State Department, along with Russia, China, France and Britain.Article 2 defines the conventional arms covered, which include battle tanks, artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles — and “small arms and light weapons.Article 3 of the treaty places UN prohibitions on “ammunition/munitions fired, launched or delivered by the conventional arms (including small arms) covered under Article 2.”Article 4 puts all “parts and components” of weapons (including small arms) within the scheme.Several places in the treaty text, including Article 5, require all countries to “establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list.” Moreover, it declares, “Each State Party is encouraged to apply the provisions of this Treaty to the broadest range of conventional arms.”Article 5, Section 4 says each State Party “shall provide its national control list to the Secretariat, which shall make it available to other States Parties.”
  • Fast forward to Oct. 2015, and who recalls L O R E T T A ‘s speech at the UN, you know, the one which included the Orwellian initiative to combat “violent extremism” – whatever the hell that means. Part and parcel thereof, another gobbleygook invention – the “Strong Cities Network”– is unveiled. Hmm. WTF are they hiding?? Well, said doublespeak is the backdrop for the Marxist/Islamist bent AG’s pronouncement: the US formed a Global Police Force Partnership with the UN”! Yes, the UN is the defacto controller of America. Full stop.

De Blasio, speaking at the UN, said New York joined Strong Cities because the group will target 'intolerance' and make the city safer.

IN this regard, let’s calculate all the ways in which the onslaught at the southern border has gone from bad to worse to the current CRISIS point. In so doing, there is NO other conclusion to be drawn: it was pre-designed!

ALAS, as always, even evidentiary trails are not enough for certain folks, most especially, when the PC thought police hurl insults that are perceived worse than the “kiss of death” to the weak-minded and weak-willed. Yes, by framing the narrative in terms of racism and all applicable “isms”, a veil of silence descends. And when they add in “conspiracy theorist”, well…..

BUT never mind. At these pages such tarring is like water off a duck’s back – and then some.

ONCE again, let’s wend back in time, albeit a mere two years. In 2017, the following whistleblower more than backed up the evidentiary trails within this site. So, listen up.

Radio show host Josh Tolley interviewed an unidentified American woman from Missouri who learned about her state’s refugee immigration program by attending UN-sponsored meetings and participating in the programs. She said that refugees are brought into the US in alliance with the UN Refugee Resettlement Organization Offices of Refugee Monitoring out of Washington, DC. In her state, Missouri Social Services administers the refugee programs that provide welfare for housing, food stamps, and medicare, in addition to cash and jobs.

The refugees receive US passports and Social Security numbers so they can receive Social Security benefits. They are screened and, where possible, encouraged to apply for lifetime disability benefits under Social Security.

Many refugees are allowed into the US who have communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, leprosy, and smallpox.

The woman reported that there is ZERO vetting of refugees and that most are “FUNUs” which is an acronym for ‘full name unknown’. Most of them are males aged 15 to 45 instead of women and children.

She said that Trump reduced the number of refugees from Obama’s proposed 110,000 down to 50,000. From October 2016 through February 2017, the US had taken in 34,000. Democrats are not the only supporters of increased refugee immigration. Paul Ryan advocated bringing in 300,000 refugees.

The refugees usually are transported for settlement in the dead of night, not because of the lower air fares, but because that avoids being seen by large crowds at airports.

The federal government is secretive about how many refugees are being resettled in the US, and many governors are totally unaware of how many are in their states. The governors of Texas and Tennessee have refused to accept any more refugees and now are being sued by the US government.

The Wilson-Fish program allows the US government to circumvent state sovereignty in refugee resettlement by funding third-party organizations. She mentioned several third-party organizations that benefit from taxpayer money in this way. They include the Jewish Vocational Services (which also uses the name Jewish Technical Services), Catholic Charities, and Lutheran organizations. They receive $2500 to process each refugee plus block grants to staff offices. She said she believed they are making huge amounts of money above their costs..

Her closing comment was that she believes the refugees are a tool of invasion used by the United Nations under Agenda 2030 to remove national borders. If the UN officially recognizes a group of refugees, then UN ‘Peacekeeper’ soldiers may be placed wherever the refugees are located. She said that there have been sightings of UN trucks in her state. She also said that there is a scheme to remove county sheriffs in order to implement total UN authority in local areas.

She ended the interview by exhorting people to get involved locally to learn what is going on in their communities, to read about their states’ refugee programs on their Social Services websites, and then to meet with local and state lawmakers to stop this covert UN scheme for destruction.

PATRIOTS, it should be obvious by now that time is of the essence, relative to mitigating the grave damage(s) caused by various anti-American forces from within and without. Effectively, they sold out the national interest to the UN kleptocracy and its assorted, tentacled NGO’s – aiding and abetting a continuous stream of attacks on the southern border, at the same time that they fuel and fund the so-called refugees. A double-pronged destructive surge.

RESULTANT, the following was messaged to readers in January 2019, and it was not for nothing: “Real-Time Jihadi Threats To The American Homeland: What Will It Take To Drag Socialist-Driven (Paid Off) Dems To Seal The Entry Points?” Incontestably.

BACK to the ever-lurking red-green alliance….

PIGGYBACKING with real-time threats from the green/Islamic side of the alliance, similarly, the red/socialist/Marxist/communist side is poising to strike. Through the massive flow of illegals via narco-terror and human traffickers, in tandem with tipping the voter rolls in the Demster column for decades to come, isn’t the outcome a foregone conclusion? Rhetorical.

SANS a scintilla of a doubt, if millions of patriots don’t “tip the scales” (whatever it takes) back towards the nation’s roots, well, America will no longer exist – other than as a dead carcass, barely resembling the once great nation that it was!


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