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Undercover video footage captured by James O’Keefe appears to reveal that Fox fired Tucker Carlson at the order of Dominion, Big Pharma

Undercover video footage captured by James O’Keefe appears to reveal that Fox fired Tucker Carlson at the order of Dominion, Big Pharma

(Natural News) More shocking, but not surprising, revelations have come to light about why Tucker Carlson was fired suddenly by Fox News a few weeks ago.

As you might expect, the pharmaceutical industry was behind Carlson’s canning as he was exposing too much truth about the dangers of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” on his widely viewed program. The Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit also played a role in Fox producer Sean Langille’s decision to axe Carlson from the network.

None other than independent journalist James O’Keefe, operating under his newly minted O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), brought all this to light with yet another one of his iconic undercover investigations, the video footage of which you can watch below.

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(Related: Right before the 2020 election, Carlson was one of the only mainstream journalists to call out Hunter Biden over the incriminating contents of his laptop, which are not a “Russian hoax” like the globalist-controlled media continues to claim.)

Fox News and many other media networks are controlled by and beholden to Big Pharma

Langille told an undercover OMG journalist that Big Pharma advertisers such as Pfizer were pulling away from Fox News prior to Carlson’s firing.

“Now that he’s gone,” Langille revealed, referring to Carlson, “they’re starting to come back.”

Most media networks, Langille further said, are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, which is why nearly every commercial is promoting some new “blockbuster” drug.

“When it’s corporate media, you’re beholden to advertisers,” Langille said, emphasizing that Pfizer tends to lead the pack, hence why many, including Langille, refer to the company as “Big Pharma.”

“We’re learning it was part of [the Dominion settlement],” Langille revealed about why Fox got rid of Carlson: to keep Big Pharma’s advertising dollars flowing.

According to Fox, it is “categorically false” that the Dominion settlement had anything to do with Carlson’s termination.

O’Keefe believes that Langille’s insider knowledge about this could be coming from his “friend,” who also happens to be a powerful Joe Biden operative, Mike LaRosa. Langille finds it interesting, he revealed, that “no one is talking about” LaRosa’s career transition away from being Jill Biden’s press secretary last summer.

In the comments on O’Keefe’s undercover video of Langille speaking, someone wrote that he is praying for the reporter’s safety – because if anyone is going to “split this all open” and lay it bare for the world to see, it will be O’Keefe.

“‘Conspiracy theorists’ are right again,” wrote another about how everything Natural News and other independent media have been reporting about how the corporate media is controlled by and beholden to Big Pharma is true.

“It’s a fed term used to slander those who oppose the system,” responded another about the deep state’s denigrating use of “conspiracy theorists” to try to discredit those who dare to expose and tell the ugly and inconvenient truths about the corporate media.

Another warned that the deep state behind Big Pharma and Big Media is “going to cause another war” because “that’s what they do” whenever they start to lose control of the narrative.

“Unfortunately, the next one is going to be the second U.S. Civil War,” this person contends. “The number-one job of any country’s government is to keep the people out of war, but the globalists in power are hellbent on keeping America at war constantly.”

“They wouldn’t need to silence him if they were honest about their practices,” wrote another about Fox‘s rejection of Carlson. “This really is a fascist government in control of our country.”

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