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Unvaccinated lawmakers now getting locked out of government buildings

Unvaccinated lawmakers now getting locked out of government buildings

(Natural News) Members of the Washington House of Representatives who have not gotten “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are being locked out of the Capitol building in Olympia, according to new reports.

Unless they can show proof that they took one of the vaccines that Donald Trump proudly brought into the world at warp speed, House members are no longer allowed to enter any building on the entire Capitol campus.

State Rep. Jim Walsh uploaded a video showing that he is no longer able to get inside his office because his key card to enter the building has been disabled.

“The House Executive Rules Committee has come up with what they call an interim policy that prevents members from getting in the buildings on the Capitol campus if they don’t present covid vaccine papers, and I have not presented covid vaccine papers,” Walsh explains.

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“So, I can’t access my office. I can’t access the floor, the main chambers over under the dome. I can’t do work from the Capitol as a legislator in this state.”

Describing this latest development as “unusual” and “not something that the majority of the members of the legislature have voted on,” Walsh goes on to explain that this tyranny came about at the order of a select few who decided they would tyrannize others for refusing to take the same drugs (vaccines) they did.

“It’s not an emergency proclamation from the governor,” Walsh says. “It’s something different. It is an interim policy made by a small group of legislators and enforced on all legislators here, or at least all House members.”

Washington legislators who belong to religion of Covidism have gone full fascist

Walsh regularly conducts question and answer (Q&A) sessions on his Facebook page in which he interacts with his constituents and other members of the public. This time, he put that on pause to warn people about what is happening at his state capitol, and possibly others.

“It is one more example of what I’ve talked about before of this slippery slope toward lawlessness,” Walsh says. “It’s one more example of when we don’t rein in the governor from his unlawful behavior, there’s a slippery slope effect, a corrosive effect on other elements of government whether it’s the judges of the judicial branch or here the legislators of the legislative branch.”

State legislatures are supposed to act as checks and balances against the governor and the executive branch, but in this case, they have gone all-in with a corrupt governor, Jay Inslee, who continues to push Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny on Washingtonians.

“Not only is the legislature in this state not acting as a check on the governor’s overreach and missteps, we’re following the governor’s example by locking people out of their offices if they don’t provide papers,” Walsh laments.

“This is not constitutional. In my opinion this is not legal, and it’s not moral. We are absolutely falling into some sort of Stockholm Syndrome that’s taken hold of the legislature here in Olympia.”

Being one of the good legislators who still remains, Walsh recognizes that his job is not to side with the governor against the people of his state, but rather the opposite. The legislature’s job is to give the people a voice against this kind of tyranny and corruption.

“Rather than be that active check against the governor’s abuses, we’re following the governor’s lead,” he says.

“That’s not what we’re supposed to be doing. We’re supposed to be standing up to that and representing you and giving you a voice … so this is not proper governance, and locking members out of their offices if they don’t provide papers, well to me that’s just not American.”

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