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Vaccine manufacturer Pfizer already starting to pre-blame “anti-vaxxers” for why their vaccine isn’t stopping the coronavirus

Vaccine manufacturer Pfizer already starting to pre-blame “anti-vaxxers” for why their vaccine isn’t stopping the coronavirus

(Natural News) In what is clearly a preemptive strike against Americans who will try to exercise their right not to be infected with an experimental coronavirus vaccine, the head of big pharma Pfizer, which is in the competition to develop a COVID-19 shot first so the company can rake in billions, is already blaming ‘anti-vaxxers’ in case it fails.

Albert Bourla warned Sept. 8 that anyone who doesn’t get a coronavirus vaccine will become a “weak link” and will allegedly become responsible for the virus’ continued spread (speaking of which, how have those lockdowns and business closures worked out to keep the bug from spreading?).

So much for allowing some herd immunity to take effect.

CNBC provided more details:

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Bourla, whose company is in late-stage testing for a potential inoculation, said he understands the public’s concerns about vaccines, which are being developed in record time. He said Pfizer will only request authorization from the Food and Drug Administration after data shows that its vaccine is safe and effective.

But he also said people who decide against taking the vaccine once available “will not only affect their lives.”

So, in order to be a Big Pharma CEO these days, you also have to become the lead salesperson too, apparently.

In an interview with corporate-owned NBC, Bourla said people who don’t get his company’s vaccine “will affect the lives of others because if they don’t vaccinate, they will become the weak link that will allow this virus to replicate.”

Earth to Bourla: We’ve had a flu vaccine for decades and we have to make a new strain every year because (wait for it) influenza replicates, adapts and changes.

It’s a virus. That’s what they do; they survive. And if we keep everyone on perpetual lockdown without giving the novel coronavirus the chance to burn itself out, then it will stay around a lot longer.

CNBC had to get into the ‘anti-vaxxer’ bashing as well.

Vaccine hesitancy was already a problem in the United States. But fear due to the pandemic and confusing communication from the Trump administration on vaccine development has exacerbated opposition to a vaccine and could jeopardize a Covid-19 vaccine’s impact, infectious disease experts and scientists say,” the network reported.

First and foremost, the Trump administration’s communications haven’t been any more ‘confusing’ than any other regime would have been. After all, when the swine flu hit, the god king Barack Obama didn’t have all of the answers right out of the gate, either.

But also, this vaccine is risky, to say the least, because it’s being rushed. And while no one should ever believe that President Trump wants to kill or injure anyone with it, the chances are better than average there will be many ill-effects from a coronavirus vaccine that hasn’t been fully tested.

And that said, why does Bourla believe that we all have to get his vaccine? So far anyway, there is no national vaccine mandate for the annual flu shot; what makes COVID-19 so much different?

And don’t say ‘the death toll’ because ‘the death toll’ is a fabrication; thinking, rational people have known that for months due to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention directives calling for anyone who has died from other causes but tests positive for the virus to be counted as a ‘coronavirus death.’ It’s ridiculous.

Then there is always the very legitimate concern that the vaccine could be a political prop for the president’s reelection. While Trump has certainly earned a second term, we should never want a vaccine politicized.

On that note, there has already been some serious side effects from other coronavirus vaccines, including the one being developed by AstraZeneca. Apparently, a woman from the UK developed significant neurological symptoms consistent with a rare spinal inflammatory disorder called transverse myelitis.

She’s reportedly improving, but what happens if a vaccine does something like this on a mass scale?

According to Bourla, we shouldn’t be worried about such things because we’d be “weak links.”

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