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Video shows Dominion election worker suspiciously handling USB stick in Georgia

Video shows Dominion election worker suspiciously handling USB stick in Georgia

(Natural News) A representative from Dominion Voting Systems was caught on tape moving data from a central server in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and leaving with it during the election.

Video footage that has gone viral – you can watch it at this link – shows a man inserting a USB stick into the machine before moving it to an external laptop computer. Reports explain that this was done to manipulate the ballot scans within file exporter.

The man was then seen distracting other nearby observers before ultimately leaving the room, his suspicious behavior suggesting that he was doing something illegal that required keeping as many eyes off of him as possible.

According to reports, the machine from which the man took and manipulated data is known as the Election Management Server. It is responsible for tabulating ballots and certifying results for the whole of Gwinnett County.

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In a second video – you can watch that one here – a close-up shot of the man’s ID badge revealed clearly that he was a representative of Dominion, his official title being, “County Technician.”

The man and woman who were filming these incidents can be heard in the background expressing shock over the fact that the man took a USB stick out of his pocket, put it into the computer, and plugged it into an external laptop.

“The Election Management System should not be connected to anything and prepares tabulation reports for export to USB drive,” says Ron Watkins, the former administrator of 8kun who posted the videos online.

According to Watkins, the man was supposed to just deliver the USB drive, not plug it into an external laptop in order to manipulate its contents in order to palm it.

“The machines should not be connected in any way,” Watkins says.

“The fact that he plugged the Election Management System data into an external laptop and manipulated it in the file explorer before palming is enough to consider the entire election in that county to be compromised.”

The latest election fraud news, by the way, can be found at Trump.news.

Dominion Watch group sending patriot watchers to all questionable counting locations

All of the footage was reportedly captured by members of “Dominion Watch,” which is comprised of concerned citizens who were on the ground at the time when they observed abnormalities with the election process.

Dominion Watch members have been keeping a close eye on everything taking place in the days following the election, particularly in Georgia where a fraudulent recount occurred, prompting further investigation.

According to a Nov. 30 tweet, there are two Dominion Watch watchers in Cherokee County, one in Gwinnett County, and another in Cobb County. Each of these counties is located in the Atlanta area.

“Half a dozen on the way, some from out of state,” this same tweet added about there being even more watchers coming to help support the cause. “We need to maintain a presence until at least Wednesday.”

Dominion executive Eric Coomer, as you may recall, was caught participating in a conference call a while back during which he vulgarly stated that the Dominion team needed to “make f***ing sure” that President Trump did not win reelection. Coomer, it is important to note, is also a member of Antifa.

“Trump supporters know he won, and we know who stole this,” wrote one National File commenter, reassuring another that this time things will be different as far as holding the election thieves accountable for their crimes.

“And everyone is done with business as usual, especially after 2020 when we found out everything will keep getting worse.”

To help fight election fraud, visit Sidney Powell’s Defending the Republic website.

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