Watch: Green New Deal ‘boss’ AOC asks: ‘Is it OK to still have children?’ because of climate change

While pontificating about various issues during an Instagram live event, newly-elected Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wondered if it’s still okay to have children because of climate change and the expense involved with raising them.

The New York representative who recently declared herself the “boss” on the so-called Green New Deal, a scheme designed to destroy the entire U.S. economy for generations of Americans, called the matter of children a “basic moral question.”

She also warned that we’re all going to literally die if her socialist boondoggle isn’t passed into law.

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There’s more to this, as you can see in the following videos:

Oh, and if we don’t pass her crazy proposal, we’re all gonna die.

And she wishes plastic bags did not exist:

The person who did us all a favor by posting this silly rant informs us:

We have to agree.

God help us…

H/T Twitchy

Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line


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