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Whatever Happened To Dean Garrison?

Whatever Happened To Dean Garrison?

For the past several weeks a hush has fallen over The D.C. Clothesline and D.C. Dirty Laundry, leaving many subscribers to perhaps wonder, “Whatever happened to Dean Garrison?”

Given these tempestuous, backwards times we currently find ourselves living in, where those possessing a more conservative nature and are inclined to go against the grain find themselves facing unrelenting censorship by notorious oligarchs ruling over their respective big tech kingdoms, many might think (and not unjustifiably) that Dean has also been silenced into extinguishment.

Fortunately, such a scenario is not the case.

The following is a direct statement from Dean, who, due to his visual impairment following a series of mini-strokes, is dictating through me to you his loyal patrons:

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“On July 5th, my wife kicked me out of the house.”

“From there I went to a hotel for several days.”

“A childhood friend from Chicago came and took me to another long-time friends home in Nebraska, where I’m currently living.”

“Money is tight.”

“My marital status is up in the air.”

“Any thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.”

“I will find a way for my sites to survive.”

“I love you all!”

“God bless America!”

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